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Vintage Purses and Handbags

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Vintage Bodysuits
Vintage Lace Bodysuit
Vintage Cropped Sweater
Vintage Crop Sweater (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Floral Shirt
Vintage Gardenia Shirt (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Plaid Shirt
Vintage Sero Plaid Shirt (SOLD OUT)
Vintage QualiCraft Chambray Sandals (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Bedford Fair Shirt
Vintage Showstopper Shirt (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Rosina Ferragamo Shoes (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Andrew Geller Colorblock Purse (Sold Out)
Vintage Ferragamo Shoes
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Pumps (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Chained Purse
Vintage Chained Up Purse (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Art Deco Purse
Vintage Art Deco Purse (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Wooden Box Purse - Vintage Madge Purse
Vintage Wooden Box Purse (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Beaded Genie Purse
Vintage Beaded Genie Purse (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Ohrbach Suede Purse
Vintage Ohrbach Suede Purse (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Ingber Purse
Vintage Ingber Purse (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Poly Shift Dress
Vintage Poly Shift Dress (SOLD OUT)
Ruffle Black Jumpsuit
Ruffle Jersey Jumpsuit (SOLD OUT)
Vintage 70's Belt
Vintage Buckled Belt (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Ostrich Belt
Vintage Ostrich Belt (SOLD OUT)
Vintage Lurex Maxi Dress - Vintage Silver Shimmer Dress
Vintage Lurex Maxi Dress (SOLD OUT)

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